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I want you to meet my new friend, Steve Hemphill. He has an amazing story and prayer journey that I wanted to introduce to the City-by-City Network because I believe these are important tools as we continue to pray over our families, city and nation!

Scriptural Prayers for America and Donald Trump


Four years ago many of you joined me in setting an alarm to pray at noon each day for Donald Trump and America. It is just as urgent now as then!

I felt an urgency to put together several powerful scriptural prayers not only for justice for Donald Trump, but protection over him and his family, restoration of our legal system, restoration of our government and trust in it, restoration of law & order, restoration of America, protection over our Constitution and the Electoral College, and more.

I hope you will join me in praying these prayers over our nation and sharing these with you prayer teams, friends and family as we join corporately for a miracle for America—and Donald Trump.

God’s Justice After Injustice


Everywhere we look we have seen injustice which seems to be in control. Good people are thrown in jail, censored, or removed while others flaunt their illegal activities with seeming no repercussion.

If you have been censored, silenced, or removed from a position or relationship, then you need to know not only does God see it, but He will vindicate you. There is a blessing that follows such actions if we walk in His obedience when we understand how to receive it.

This message is dear to my heart because I have lived it. Any loss you have suffered, any injustice perpetrated against you, if you have been silenced, censored, or removed from a seat of authority, this book will reveal the next steps and how to see His open door of blessing that awaits.



As the world still reels from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a more devastating virus has infected the global population. It is a spiritual virus, and it has triggered the rage, offense, and murderous attacks that have exploded in our nation and around the world. If left unchecked, this virus leads to insanity, affecting the mind and body. We see the results all around us—and people have no idea it is ruling their lives.

Is there a vaccine? There is. But first we must recognize that the virus exists and that it is being passed from person to person at unprecedented rates.

Are you infected? This can be determined by taking a simple test. There is also a simple cure. The question is: are we willing to take it and stop this spiritual pandemic before it takes over?

What Are the Stakes?


Steve came upon the spiritual principal of staking out land in prayer after receiving a call from a suicidal non-Christian man who was at the end of his rope because of demons on his property.

Steve didn’t know how to respond, so he silently prayed as the man talked. After the quick prayer, Steve had a strange verse pop into his head from Deuteronomy 6 that instructed God’s people to put Scripture on their gates and doorposts. What happened next is what he shares in the book, “What are the Stakes” and we discuss in this short interview.

What Are the Stakes? (combo)


Book and four-stake combo package!

12 Spiritual Weapons


We’ve all been there when it seems our prayers are hitting a brick wall. GENERALS NEVER SEND WARRIORS INTO BATTLE WITHOUT WEAPONRY. GOD IS NO DIFFERENT.

As Christians, we know that there is spiritual warfare, but we often think we are facing our battles without weapons. In 12 Spiritual Weapons, Steve Hemphill presents a revelatory perspective on the Word of God and outlines the weapons God has provided for believers. You will finish this book with new confidence for prayer and spiritual warfare. Steve will help you examine your personal spiritual weapons, and he will empower you to execute your own battle plan to fight the enemy!

If you are interested in any of these important resources, please order by using the buttons above. Steve has graciously offered a percentage of the order back to our City-by-City prayer network for any orders through this link.

I hope you are as blessed as I have been getting to know Steve and the important information he shares.